Came into my life late one night
Left the next mornin’ but you changed my life
You gave me a kick, don’t make me sick
So I tried it with another but she didn’t do the trick
Your busy makin’ babies, and telling guys “maybe”
So if your gonna be a mom let me be your baby
When you squeezed me real tight, you kept me up all night, I thought
Praise the lord I think I’ve seen the light

B-B-Boys be ready here’s trouble
G-G-Girls your trouble is doubled
G-G-Girls you’re dreaming of babies
B-B-Boys your thinking of ladies
But you hug me, squeeze me, love me, kiss me oh baby
But just for one night and that was all right

Cause you made my heart break, honest your mistake
I’m the best you’ll ever have can’t you see for goodness sake
New girl on the scene if you know what I mean
Oh my-my baby little love machine
You make my rolls rock, and make my rock roll
Came for my body but left with my soul

B-B-Boy meets girl, and they rock each other’s world
B-B-Boys will be boys Yeah, and G-Girls will be girls
You know you know baby
You hug me, squeeze me, kiss me, love me
Oh, your baby but just one night
And that was all right
Keep going going on as the world is coming down
This town ain’t big enough so you better leave town

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