She was doing dishes
When momma noticed the cuts
Almost called her bluff
Told her to scratch it off
Surprised, but momma didn’t make much notice about it
And now she went to sleep and left her alone

And she said like
(oh oh )
She knows like
(oh oh)
She feel like
(she don’t want nobody to know)
She love like
So strong like
(keep it low)

Her friends noticed something strange
trippin as well
why can’t she find the right words to tell
the marks on her arm was something she done secretly
crying her heart out feeling so torn


Yeah, say what you want but
you all alone and all the time it’s hard to see love
probably some teen stuff
I know you want mine
Because I ain’t got the time
We scratch the surface some other time, aight?
Speaking of which I heard a rumor going around about ya
Oh I’m sorry if it sounds feels like i’m bothering ya
Why keep it all inside? It’s like dying alive
Quiet water runs deep, it shows in your eyes

Hey, trying to cope with pain misunderstood alot
Upset in the rain, she wish she could make it stop
She feels the need to do what’s inside her brain starts to connect the false relief to the act of hurting


[Lenny’s part]

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