Oktua Nwebemna Colcalti Jesven;
Il Dua Casenta romanienven;
Consaba calamente consaba calamente consaba consaba con-SA
BA (yo yo yo yo)
Isn’t it funny how drugs and cash
go together like beans and mash?
no it’s not, eh?
I’m just silly
this is my friend his name is Billy!
Yo I go by the name o’ Billy… (word)
My rhymes is not really rhymes because they don’t rhyme…
I go by the name o’ Billy, wait I said that
Oh no there’s another song I screwed up

Chaiinta’s the name, sorry for that stupid Billy
This is his last song, and the producer doesn’t like him
See, Billy can’t read…
Stu-pid Bil-ly

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