Holy vanilla blunts it’s Vast-Man
The Jokers kidnapped Hip-Hop
What’s you gon’ do?

(Hook) Vast Aire
Nigga please, you is sucka emcee
Me and my crew is running the streets fo’real
Hip-Hop is Dead it looks like a job for…
LXG is the family and I’m…
[Geechi Suede]
Remember in Nikes to the Batmobiles
We burning with the gamma ray lasers, electric eels
Caped Crusaders falling from off glaciers
Landing under water then shooting micro-lasers
All we do is make the facility melt
Number one villian that’s felt
Pull up the utility belt
It went – *boom-blam-zoom-zap*
Crash the canvas with the cobras hissing at the bottom of my straps
Leap buildings, fly flying saucers
Dissolving inside the forrest when the radar lost us
Torpedo glare thru the Vast Aire
With the cashmere, cat burglar blast from last year
Super hero DeNiro, Beretta Bronson
Keep Wonder Woman on her knees getting Johnson
Vaporize them costume kit and disguise
I’ma have to detach ’em from life with the shake equalizer

(Hook) Vast Aire
[Vast Aire]
Life’s a card game of the illest poker
And I ain’t gonna fold until I get the Joker
A Dark Knight like Bram Stoker
And when I see the Catwoman, I’ma stroke her
And tell Super Boy he’s a super toy
I’m Theodore Wayne the real McCoy
It’s a bird, it’s a plane!
No it’s Lois Lane giving me brains
She game to Gotham to write a story
I told her ‘Put the pen down, show me the panties’
Peter Parker can’t do shit to me
I’m Vast Man with a capital V
But to my avail there was Vicki Vale
Tryna seduce me
Doing the Vast twosie
I told her to slow down
She wanted to sleep like a bat upside down
Well, I can arrange that
And that’s when the Riddler started to clown
He was like ‘It’s my time’
But the crowd didn’t know I co-wrote his rhymes
The Green Hornet is always smoking me out
But I keep my space cuz he’s a Two-Face
I’m smacking the Penguin when he gets greedy
Just flash LXG when you need me

(Hook) Vast Aire

Will the Dynamic Duo triumph over the Jokers evil
Will Cat Woman finally give Vast-Man the panties?
Stay tuned, same Vast time, same Vast channel

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