Come Here And Make Me Burn
Cloy Me Be Wild And Stern
Open Your Wings And Fly
Take Me I Wanna Cry


Break The Wall Of Sound
Crash The Screen Of Light
Show Me How Sublime
You Can Be


Make It Hard, Little Demon
Keep It Long, Get It On


Drub Me And Whack Me Fell
Be Vile And Harsh And Slow
Bring Me Lower Than Low
No Tears Will Ever Swell
This Heart Where No More Hope Can Dwell


I’m Not Feeling The Pain
Let Your Anger Unfurl


On My Cold World
Touched By No Light
On My Cold World
Where No Sun Ever Shone


Take Me Now, Get It On
Take Your Time, Make Me Cry
Keep It Long, Little Demon
Make It Hard, Take Your Time
Take Your Time, Little Demon
Make It Hard, Shake Me Long
Keep It Long, Little Demon
Make Me Cry, Get It On
Get It On

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