Breathe In With Awe The Perfect Scent
The Garden Proud And Free
Where Time Has Come And Gone And Spent
Throughout Eternity
The Primrose Sweet, The Carefree Air
Memories, Mesmerize
A Calm So True, A Love Affair
Whispering Warm Good-Byes
Foliages Plenty Of To Boast
Reflect The Sunlights’s Eyes
Wild The Rushing Wind It Blows
No Soul Where Beauty Lies
The Seeds That Seem So Keen To Find
A Secret Hiding Place
Down Paths That Twirl And Twist And Wind
An Endless, Timeless Race
The Silence Takes A Sudden Breath
And Darkness Rings With Hate
As Shadows Move To Ugly Dephts
This Wilderness Spells Fate


At First With Wonder They Explore
And Sleep And Sleep Beneath The Skies
They Watch The Sunset Rise And Fall
With Poignant Jealous Jealous Eyes


They Watch The Sunset Rise And Fall


But Slowly Then They Come To See
Their Image Is So Coarse
And Ponder On Their Vanity
With Uncontrolled Remorse


And The Tree Houses Start To Shake
Their Roots Scream Silent Tears
For All The Heart It Took To Make
It Won’t Last Out The Year
Ripped Is The Bark, The Petals Shed
Beauty Faces Her Death
Destruction Rears Its Ugly Head
Crushes The Last Weak Breath


This Day The Sun Became As Dark
As Feathers Of A Crow
The Only Light That Dares Embark
Is The Covering Snow


The Water Lilies Float No More
Upon The Murky Pond
Red Apples Rot Right To The Core
Forever Lost Beyond


So Sigh Now For Those Radiant Days
When Silence Was A Breeze
When Birds With Happiness Could Bathe
And Hide And Play Among The Leaves


They Watch The Sunset Rise And Fall


Retreat Of Mine How Low You Steep
Your Flowers Laid To Rest
Lost In Time With No Grass To Reap
All Visitors Incensed
The Wind It Too Seems To Avoid
Passes By, Never Stays
That Perfect Garden Now Destroyed
Life Cruelly Washed Away

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